In less than 2 months, the corona pandemic has caused more than 1,000 deaths and affected the whole economy, especially companies operating in the mask industry such as Bong Bach Tuyet.
According to statistics, the current domestic demand for 3-layer masks for residential communities is about 100 tons per month, equivalent to about 150 million masks.

Bong Bach Tuyet and the medical mask story in the middle of corona pandemic

Facing this situation, according to domestic manufacturers, raw materials for domestic production are currently under huge stress; the supply of raw materials will be increasingly scarce, expensive and can only cover production demands in the next few days if new raw materials are not imported.

The key raw materials for the manufacture of facial masks include non-woven fabrics, activated carbon and antibacterial filter cloth. Non-woven fabrics can be produced domestically while the remaining two materials have to be imported.

According to Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation, antibacterial filter cloth is mainly imported from China. However, raw materials from China cannot be imported because this country prohibits the export of products, raw materials and production machinery. This situation leads to the scarcity of raw materials, thereby resulting in an increase in product costs.

Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation has long been known as a manufacturer of medical cotton and gauze and has only participated in the facial mask market in the past 5 years. With the mission of serving and joining hands with the community to prevent corona pandemic (Covid-19), the Corporation confirmed not to increase product prices in February 2020. At the same time, Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation also carries out the program of “Points of selling facial masks at stable price” with the aim of delivering products to consumers. The selected points for implementation include Bong Bach Tuyet Store at 550 Au Co, Ward 10, Tan Binh District (February 7, 2020). Some retail points and supermarket chains distribute Meriday and Merigo medical masks of the Corporation (from February 14 to February 28, 2020).

Bong Bach Tuyet and the medical mask story in the middle of corona pandemic

Representatives of Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation also shared that the number of automatic production systems has been doubled and run 24 hours, as well as workers have registered to increase the number of work shifts. Previously, factory workers only worked 1-2 shifts per day, however, it has increased to a maximum of 3 shifts per day in the hope of producing the highest number of products to meet urgent demands on facial masks from partners and consumers.

Bong Bach Tuyet and the medical mask story in the middle of corona pandemic

With the maximum capacity and the participation in production of non-professional units, consumers are concerned about the quality of raw materials as well as unqualified product quality. However, according to the representative of Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation, despite the urgent situation, all input materials are standardized and tested strictly before being used to produce finished products according to the medical mask standard TCVN 83891: 2010.

Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation, formerly known as Cobovina Bach Tuyet Factory, was established in 1960. The Corporation has a 60-year history of serving the community, associated with medical products such as cotton, gauze and other medical consumables.

Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation is proud to be one of the leading Vietnamese companies in the field of production and distribution of products for public health care. Currently, the Corporation’s focus is on safe and convenient products for all groups of customers.

  • Medical goods – Bach Tuyet: medical cotton, medical gauze, medical cotton buds, etc.
  • Personal care product – Meriday: mask, cotton buds and industrial cotton, etc.
  • Baby care – Merigo: mask, cotton buds, baby bath towel vomit milk, bath towel and baby kit.
  • Women personal care products – Merilynn: makeup remover pad and convenient cotton ball.

In addition to improvements in product quality, Bong Bach Tuyet Corporation always invests in improving machinery and techniques to obtain efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

The Corporation constantly innovates through diversifying distribution channels, bringing products closer to consumers with the most reasonable price such as supermarkets, retail stores, pharmacies and Online channel:

Source: Dan Tri News

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