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How Bach Tuyet Cotton turned the tides

Willingness to change or taking strategic steps to transform is considered to be a fundamental aspect in the development process of a corporation. By repositioning the brand, firms are consequently determined to redefine product development goals in order to adequately serve public health.

As a matter of fact, this process consists of tremendous effort on restructuring the products in order to noticeably determine the development for each commodity group. We wholeheartedly recognize that customers’ needs to be safe, to get their health protected have been increasing nowadays. Therefore, in addition to our traditional brand of BACH TUYET which is used mainly in medical fields, MERIDAY, MERIGO, MERILYNN would be considered as fresh alternatives for various types of customers in their daily life.

Bach TuyetMedical Care
MeridayPersonal Care
MerigoBaby Care
MerilynnWomen Care

BACH TUYET – medical product segment: Adopting the quality reputation as a foundation, our company always ensures safety for the users.
MERIDAY – personal care product segment: accompanying with the consumers, with the ultimate goal of caring for the public health.
MERIGO – baby care product segment: resolving concerns regarding sensitive skin for children.
MERILYNN – women care product segment: each product in this segment will be optimized regarding their distinct features in order to look after our ladies with the best possible way.

Khách hàng

Khách hàng

From a customer’s point of view, in addition to the restructuring process, our company also emphasizes on the products’ various specifications. Consequently, customers could accordingly select a product which is ultimately suitable for their own likings. Moreover, the designs, images and colours on our packages would also be altered based on the target customers and would have distinct, yet special meaning consecutively.
Our company strives to make any suitable adjustment to our products in accordance to the actual needs from our customers, because we believe that, only when a company truthfully understands its customer base, then the business of that firm could be able to grow and further accelerated in the marketplace at the moment.