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Bach Tuyet Cotton logo to be replaced with new one

Considering that the economy, market, as well as customers’ preference have been drastically altered at the moment, especially after the successful accession process of the World Trade Organization, the decision with regards to brand positioning for Bach Tuyet Cotton is ultimately considered to be a “life-or-death” choice”.


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Regarding the mentioned repositioning cause, besides the amendment in images, our products are also developed based on customers’ needs. Hospitals, or medical field in general, are no longer the only viable option for Bach Tuyet Cotton corp. Our company at the moment serves not only medical patients, but also general consumers as well. In either way, our products are carved with Bach Tuyet Cotton corp greatest essence, all of them are made from high-quality cotton fiber and are qualified using the industry standard. As a result, our logo has been more approachable and more consumer-friendly than ever before.
With the lifelong history of our company, persistent belief of our customers, and our slogan of “Keeping the faith”, these resilient foundations have encouraged us to always maintain and develop the quality of our products, as promised to our loyal customers. From there, customers’ satisfaction would be greatly enhanced. In conclusion, the complete idea of repositioning our company would also be a sincere message that we would like to share with everybody that: Bach Tuyet Cotton corp is ready for a new journey, as well as an economical integration to reach out various goals that we have been planning. Most of all, we do believe in the support from our beloved Vietnamese consumers to the products of Bach Tuyet Cotton corp.